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Violins FTW: Dmitri Shostakovich


I recently purchased via Amazon a recording of Dmitri Shostakovich’s Symphonies 8 and 9 performed by the Aviv String Quartet. While the technical quality of the recordings leaves much to be desired the music being conveyed is nothing short of incredible. While I can in no way claim to be a respected critic of music, the fact that my headphones rarely leave the vicinity of my ears is justification enough for me to cast my opinion about Shostakovich. Apparently both symphonies were received poorly in their times. The Soviets looked down on these specific symphonies by Shostakovich due to their mournful sound; finding the compositions not suitable as propaganda the Soviets instead used the Eighth symphony as a tribute to those who died in Stalingrad.

Years later, a random bloke such as myslef can pick up Shostakovich’s work and listen to it sans political implications. Having no idea what the symphonies were intended for I plunged headfirst into them as a result of a google search for string quartets. After several listens I am left impressed and wanting more. Though I lack the musical background to thouroughly critique the symphonies I can say that their frequent tempo shifts, passionate execution and general FTW nature is in keeping with my current music library. You can sample the Symphonies here

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