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Nothing was happening…

That is all.

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Noam Chomsky and Psycholinguistics: A Newcomer’s Rebuttal

March 12, 2009 5 comments

Descartes’ meditations are a wonderful introspective look at the human condition and what it means to be a thinking entity. Whether or not Descartes’ work is truly wonderful has been a manner of contention, and slightly unnoticed has gone the debate over whether or not his works were written by a machine. One may be surprised to hear that it is actually commonplace to believe that his works, and all other literary endeavors are actually the byproduct of a biolinguistic machine that resides within each and every human. Read more…

History FTW: European Expansion and Native Americans

January 20, 2009 1 comment

Now the title I’ve selected is pretty broad, as it covers the dealings between Native Americans and Europeans on two major continents over the course of about three of the most important centuries in human history.  The subject is also controversial, owing to the European domination and abuse of Native Americans as we see it today.  The Europeans, the Spanish and the English in particular, have been seen as especially hard on the Native Americans in terms of their treatment of them during peace and war.  I don’t believe, however; that this is necessarily true.  The fact that the Native Americans were severely mistreated is certainly true by today’s standards.  The question is why the Europeans pursued the path they did in dealing with the Native Americans. Read more…

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Mirror’s Edge PC demo: come on DICE

January 17, 2009 3 comments

Dice, a company that is most renowned for its work on the Battlefield series, has neglected to release a demo for its recently-released PC title Mirror’s Edge. Most often, the PC version of a demo is the most valuable, many people will use it as a canary would be used in a mine shaft. If the demo runs great and controls well, I will most definitely go buy the game. But until then I suppose one can only hope that DICE, who reached fame on the PC, will stoop to support its bastardized child of a platform with a Mirror’s Edge demo. Thanks DICE.

Speechless before this incredible Littlebig Planet Creation (they have made a calculator)

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This is so incredible, it looks simple until a little ways in where you see how they got this to work.

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Team Fortress 2: too late to jump in?

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Team Fortress 2, a game that retails for 19.99 and one that I have finally purchased after a year of not having a pc to play it on. Of course, I was a bit nervous entering an online fps this late in the game. Yet I found TF2 and its community to be decidedly welcoming and easy to assimilate into. I had high hopes for TF2 as a game, and it has done nothing but exceed everything I had previously conceived about it. If you were hoping I was going to have plenty of negative things to say, stop reading. If you are late to this party just as I was, come on in, theres still room in the server.

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